Consultation on Proposed Incorporation of Bristol Area Meeting

Area Meeting becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Area Meeting in March agreed to Trustees’ proposal that the status of Bristol AM should be changed from unincorporated charity to charitable incorporated organisation. The main benefit is to move away from trustees’ personal liability to limited organisational liability.

Trustees have produced a draft of the documentation required for the change, which will be brought to Area Meeting for approval on 21 May. Trustees would appreciate receiving any comments before their meeting on 12 May. The documents in this area include the old and new governing documents, alongside the relevant AM minute and an explanatory article from the AM newsletter.  Please review this information.  If you have any comments ahead of Area Meeting, you are invited to send them to Redland LM Clerk, Ian Beeson, for collation.  You may alternatively send them directly to Roger Sturge, Clerk to Trustees.


  •  Click here for a letter outlining the decision of the Area Meeting to proceed towards changing the legal status of Bristol Area Meeting to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and explaining the next step
  • Click here for the Area Meeting minute 17/33 of 25 March 2017
  • Click here for an article in the February Quaker News which sets out the reasons for this proposal
  • Click here for the draft constitution for the new CIO
  • Click here for the present governing document of the Area Meeting for comparison