2020 Swarthmore Lecture – ‘Openings to the Infinite Ocean: A Friendly Offering of Hope’

This year’s Swarthmore lecture will be broadcast online by Woodbrooke at 7:30pm on Saturday 1 August, when
Tom Shakespeare will be speaking on ‘Openings to the Infinite Ocean: A Friendly Offering of Hope.

There will be a couple of opportunities to meet Tom online in the following week, and a series of four online sessions in September and October to explore the lecture further.

As usual, the lecture will also be available as a book from the Quaker Centre Bookshop. For more details, visit the Swarthmore Lecture page on the Woodbrooke site at https://bit.ly/3fJu26S. And remember that you can catch up on some of the previous Swarthmore lectures on Woodbrooke’s YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/2OG8Bry)

submitted by Richard Hull