Climate Crisis – the conversation

Thanks to Extinction Rebellion & Greta Thunberg there can be few of us that are not aware of the urgency of making changes to the way we generate carbon emissions. We need to make changes individually and as part of local, national and international communities.

Many of us are challenged by this need to change and can feel defensive or inadequate when faced with changes we find difficult.

On Sunday 21 July our Meeting for Learning began a conversation on this topic and several people have since asked me to share what we did during Meeting for Learning and also immediately after Meeting for Worship where the conversation continued.

For myself, I decided that I needed to break down the things I might do into 3 headings

  • Personal Action – choices I can make myself about my own lifestyle
  • Community Actions – choices I can hopefully influence by working with friends, family and people I share actions with
  • Political Actions – things I might be able to do to get engaged with broader political decisions.

I’m certain many of us are capable of and already doing many things in each of these areas but can be so daunted by the enormity of the task ahead that we don’t know where to start or how to encourage others to get started doing what they can.

So for each of these 3 headings I have listed, for myself, what I have done or am doing and then what are the next things I’m aware I might be able to tackle but that I’m challenged by.

My challenges may be very different from yours because we’re starting from different places.

In Meeting for Learning I shared my “Cool it” personal action plan and invited others to do the same – I’m more than happy to share this with anyone else (click on the image here to open a larger, downloadable pdf) and invite suggestions about how we might continue the conversation and encourage each other.

Richard Drake