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Redland is one of the seven Bristol Quaker meetings that make up Bristol Area Meeting and, whilst our own newsletter aims to keep us in touch with each other locally, the Area Meeting Newsletter provides information and articles on Quaker activities across all our Bristol meetings – and beyond.

Typically, it contains reports from our various representatives, local meetings and other Bristol Area Meeting groups, alongside other interesting contributions from Friends. In November, for example, there was an article on Drone Wars, a fund-raiser for Quakers arrested in a protest against JCB (whose vehicles are used for demolition work in the West Bank) and an opportunity to host international students over Christmas.

The Area Meeting newsletter an excellent vehicle for when we want to reach out to Friends in other Bristol meetings and let them know of events we are planning or projects that we are involved with – and contributions are always welcome.

How to sign up to receive the newsletter

We can all get access to the Area Meeting newsletter which is currently sent by email to those who request it. It’s as simple as sending an email to

How to send in a contribution

The next copy deadline for the Bristol Quakers Area Meeting newsletter is December 7 and contributions should be sent to  – You may have something you wish to be more widely seen by Bristol Quakers.

Richard Drake/MJ Thornton

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