Global warming The Government must act! But what should it do?

Politicians and commentators have their own pet theories and are probably too busy to do further homework. 

Drawdown is a book edited by Paul Hawken (Penguin) in the USA that sets out 100 policies, each written by a specialist scientist, giving the gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent that would be reduced. 80 of them are based on existing policies and technologies; for example Iran has halved its fertility rate and that of Bangladesh is less than replacement.

Below is a list of the top 20 and it is surprising that only 5 relate to energy production whereas 12 are based on food and land management. Top of the list is ‘refrigerant management’ covering the release of coolants*.

See YouTube Ted Talk: ‘100 solutions to reverse global warming’. Frischmann Dec.18

From Drawdown – Top 20 polices for carbon dioxide (or equivalent) reduction

RankpolicyCO2e reductions in gigatons more info on page
1Refrigerant management89.8*164
2Wind turbines onshore84.62
3Reduced food waste70.542
4Plant rich diet66.138
5Tropical forests61.2114
6Educating girls59.6) affects population numbers80
7Family planning59.6) & together = 119 GT of CO2e reduction78
8Solar farms36.98
9Silvopasture31.2reduces soil degradation50
10Rooftop solar24.610
11Regenerative agriculture23.2reduces soil degradation54
12Temperate forests22.6128
13Peatlands21.61,230 GT of CO2e protected122
14Tropical staple trees20.266
16Conservation agriculture17.4reduces soil degradation60
17Tree intercropping17.2reduces soil degradation58
19Managed grazing16.3reduces soil degradation72
20Nuclear16.1functional & military dangers, high cost18

*The Montreal Protocol (1987) and Kigali Amendment (2016) prevent further production of ozone-depleting refrigerants. Huge volumes remain within equipment and do 90% of their damage to the atmosphere – thousands of times worse than CO2 – on release. EU (&UK) regulations impose hefty fines for incorrect disposals of cooling equipment.

James Bruges