Inspiring Meeting for Learning!

Thirty two Friends came to June’s All Age Meeting for Learning – a record attendance! The event may have been so popular because four Bristol young people were talking about their experience of being involved in nationally organised Quaker events.

Speakers ranged from 9 to 18 years old, with Friends of all ages asking and answering follow up questions. Events discussed including “Living Adventurously”,” Participation Day” “Junior Yearly Meeting”, “Facilitation and Leadership” and of course the “awesome and inspiring” opportunity to take part in the Climate Change Conference with Greta Thunberg and Caroline Lucas at Friends House, London.

The common denominators across all events were the friendships made, the sense of safe and welcoming spaces and people, and the opportunity to think more deeply about issues of concern to young people and adults. The two Friends who accompanied the young people to events said how much they had enjoyed doing so – and one explained it was a young Friend’s navigational skills that enabled them to outwit a tube closure.

Parents, grandparents and great grandparents glowed with pride. One Friend emailed afterwards saying:

What an inspiring Meeting for Learning this morning.
I arrived feeling anxious and despondent mainly about the international and national news. I left feeling buoyed up with hope and optimism by the example of our young people at Redland Meeting.

Redland Meeting is very unusual in having families with children and teenagers who come to our Meeting. We are also fortunate to have parents and a few attenders and members of our Meeting who are willing to help with the weekly Sunday, Children’s Meeting for Worship and crèche.

Please can you help too! – WE NEED MORE HELPERS for our Sunday Morning sessions.

If you would like to know more, and get to know the children and young people and share their enthusiasms and dreams please come and talk or email Cato Pedder, Helen Adshead or Helen Chambers. Training and support will be provided by the national Quaker Life Children’s team.