Meeting for Learning – July & September 2019

Meetings for Learning   

All are welcome to Meetings for Learning, which happen on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 10.00am in the upstairs Library, finishing before Meeting for Worship.

There’s been a change of plan! We’re going to defer the meeting led by Lee Cottier, originally planned for July, on discussing this year's Swarthmore Lecture. The topic is the spiritual basis for climate justice. There will be a video of the lecture available online and a book of the lecture published by Woodbrooke in due course. However, these are not yet ready, so we’ll  postpone our discussion until September 15th to give Friends time to see the video or book beforehand.

So here’s what’s planned:

July 21: Shades of Green – personal struggles with climate crisis.

Richard Drake will lead a discussion about each of us doing what we can to address the climate crisis.

No Meeting for Learning in August.

September 15: This year’s Swarthmore Lecture.

Led by Lee Cottier, this is an opportunity to discuss this year’s Swarthmore Lecture given at Britain Yearly Meeting by Eden Grace, Global Ministries Director for Friends United Meeting. The subject was the spiritual basis for climate justice.