Supporting Children in the Face of Climate Change

Workshop organised by the XR Families Bristol for supporting parents/carers in navigating the difficult issues raised by climate change.
Please note that this workshop is for adults only.

Redland Meeting House
28th September 10-1pm

More and more people are getting involved in conversation and activism about climate change. It is a huge and frightening issue which needs urgent attention.

As adults we want to know:

  • How to navigate this with our children.
  • How to talk with them about it and when not to.
  • How to best support them to grow their resilience and capacity to meet an uncertain future.
  • How to support ourselves in our own strong feelings so that we don’t unwittingly pass them on.

Please note that this workshop is for adults only.

To find out more and/or to reserve places, go to and search “supporting children in the face of climate change” – or click here.
Feel free to share with Friends and other parents/carers who might be interested in this timely workshop.