What is Extinction Rebellion? Why a normally law-abiding Bristol Professor got himself arrested

Talk by Professor Colin Davies, Friday 8th February, 7.30pm at Redland Meeting House, Hampton Road – Free – All welcome

If, like me, your heart sinks when you think about the enormity  of the problems climate change is causing, then I hope that these thoughts also give you some degree of optimism.
I had vaguely heard about Extinction Rebellion when they blocked 5 London bridges in November. They are quickly gaining supporters across the globe. I heard their call to “be part of the 3.5%” but I didn’t really understand this until I watched this fascinating short TED talk https://youtu.be/YJSehRlU34w and I more fully realised the power of non-violent, direct action. I hope that other Quakers too will listen to this TED talk and come to Redland Meeting to find out more about Extinction Rebellion and what we, as Quakers and inhabitants of planet Earth at such a crucial time in history can do.  This feels like a natural path for Quakers to take. Quakers have been using non-violent direct action and rebelling against injustice for centuries.   My first grandchild is due at Easter and this call for “rebelling for life and love” has gained even greater significance and urgency. This, for me, is Quaker Faith in Action.
Professor Colin Davis of Bristol University has kindly agreed to give an introductory talk about Extinction Rebellion and the importance of non-violent direct action. It’s a whistle-stop tour of the latest science on accelerating climate change and why he supports Extinction Rebellion and their rapidly-growing movement. See this link for information:- https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/news-opinion/extinction-rebellion-university-bristol-arrest-2337525.amp
This talk is being organised by Bristol EarthQuakes, a newly-formed Extinction Rebellion affinity group (mainly made up of Quakers).
With the publication of the UN’s IPCC Report on Climate Change and, as David Attenborough has said, us facing “our greatest threat in thousands of years”, we are running out of time.  Governments and corporations need people to push them to act – and act fast.  Extinction Rebellion has given me hope that we can together help make those in power take the right path.
Yours in Friendship and hope
Jo Flanagan

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