Woodbrooke Learning

September–October is a time when people begin to think about further study — whether for recreation or through specific accredited pathways.

Numerous friends at Redland have regularly  accessed courses  run by Woodbrooke, a Quaker Learning Centre offering enriching learning experiences and based in a very peaceful setting in Selly Oak, Birmingham.

The current Woodbrooke ‘Learn’ brochure is a treasure trove of potentially stimulating learning opportunities to interest most people. Courses cover a vast range of topics and are delivered through a variety of formats to facilitate full access for everyone.

A dip into courses planned for the Autumn includes:

Online course:
Introduction to Peace Education. 18 Sept-29 Oct

Short course:
Facilitation and Leadership: for 16 to 21-year-olds. 18-20 Oct

Envisioning a World that is open to all: let us see what love can do. 27-29 Sept

Short course:
Philosophy for Quakers. 25-27 Oct

Resting in Presence: An individually guided retreat. 27 Oct-1 Nov

Short Course:
Dances of Universal Peace. 30 Dec- 2 Jan

Quakers and Decision making: Exploring the issues. 19 Oct

Short course:
No Sects please, we’re British: Understanding diversity amongst British Muslims. 6-8 Dec

Online course:
Quaker Nominations. 1 Nov-16 Dec

Short course:
All are welcome: Growing our all age Quaker communities 1-3 Nov. (Our Friend Helen Chambers is joint tutor to this course)

There are degree and research pathways offered at Postgraduate level. There is an in-depth part-time two-year course that explores ‘Equipping for Ministry: Living as a Quaker in the World today’. Bed and breakfast packages are also offered for people who just need to take time out.

Bursaries and other forms of financial assistance are available from both Woodbrooke and Redland meeting

Polly Lowe: Woodbrooke Correspondent
Woodbrooke Direct Line: 0121 472 5171