Resources Hub

The Resources Hub is one of four Hubs at Redland Local Meeting (LM) through which the work of the meeting is carried out. (The others are Learning and ActionFaith Community and Administration).

Areas of responsibility for this Hub are to do with the way we look after the financial and physical resources of the meeting.

In conjunction with the Local Meeting treasurer we:

  • plan the annual budget,
  • receive updates of the meeting’s financial position and
  • ensure recommendations to meeting for business on the use of the meeting’s money.

In conjunction with the Annual Appeal convener we:

  • encourage giving through the Schedule.

In conjunction with Area Meeting Property Committee we:

  • take responsibility for the stewardship of our premises. This can mean ensuring repairs and maintenance are carried out and improvements made in consultation with other Hubs.

We like to ensure that the way we look after, use and treat the building reflects our Quaker testimonies to sustainability, equality and diversity.