Proposed sale of the Redland Warden’s House

This subject has been discussed at Redland Local Meeting for Business and at Bristol Area Meeting. Discernment continues and all Redland Quakers are encouraged to make their contribution to finding the best way forward. There will be a special Threshing Meeting for Redland Friends and the Wardens Planning Group on Monday 24 August, 7.30-9pm. All Friends are invited to attend and to share their views on the prospective sale, or to send in written contributions if unable to attend. A paper summarising pros and cons of the proposed sale will be circulated in advance of this date, so that everyone in our Meeting is made aware of key information and varied opinions on the options available to Area Meeting (which owns the warden’s house, and our Meeting House). Redland Meeting will need to offer clear guidance to Area Meeting from our next Business meeting on 6 September, 12.40-2pm.