Redland Teen Meeting

In October Redland Teen Meeting met to talk about ‘Change: making it possible!’. We collectively created a poem about change which took us on a journey through how change is hopeful, exciting, full of possibility… and at the same time scary and hard and takes perseverance. Individually we thought extensively about all the changes we want make – from personal to political – and then focussed in on one each and thought step by step why we’re passionate about this change and how we can support take steps towards it. Whether we were talking about changes in isolation and loneliness or deforestation, we agreed unanimously that making changes requires love and courage.

Teen Meeting continues to meet on the 2nd Sunday of the month, either on Zoom (as we have since April) or in person (as we hope to very soon, maybe at Claverham Meeting House). If you know any young people who would like to join us, please put them in touch.

Kirsty Philbrick
Youth Development Worker
Quaker Life