Fifth Annual Bristol Quaker Peace Lecture

Women and Peace Building: The Eritrean Context

Helen Kidan, Human Rights Activist

Saturday 12 May 2018 11am  – 12.30pm
Reception Room, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1RJ

Admission free – All welcome – do bring a friend/friends

Helen Kidan will look at the importance and role of women in peace building, and how their empowerment is crucial in stabilising countries, especially after conflict. She will draw specifically on her own experience of the Eritrean conflict. Helen will describe the role of the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, its ongoing work and what can be learnt from it.

Helen Kidan’s human rights work started in 1998, just after the border conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia erupted. Helen co-founded Horn Human Rights in 1998 and later co-founded Eritrean Youth in the UK (EYUK) in 2003. She is a member of Network of Eritrean Women and is an Executive Member of Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR) which is based in South Africa.