Meetings for Learning in November & December 18

Coming to Terms with Quaker Colonialism led by David Prosser

Sunday 18 November

David will talk about his research into how 19th century Quakers approached issues of colonisation and its impact on indigenous people, and how a few key decisions made by influential Quakers had far-reaching consequences for Aboriginal people in Australia. With Australian Friends active in calls for a treaty to recognise and begin to heal past wrongs, what can we learn from the mistakes of the past?

The changing face of faith  – interfaith work in Bristol and Britain led by Clio Khan

Sunday 16 December

Clio Khan is our Bristol Area correspondent for the national Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations (QCCIR). She will discuss how Quakers fit into the changing religious landscape in Britain, and explore the implications for interfaith work and how we can share our Quaker values and Testimonies with a view to addressing the many challenges of our everyday world.

Meetings for Learning start promptly at 10.00 in the Redland Meeting House Library and end at 10.45. All are very welcome!

Linda Ewles
Learning & Action Hub Coordinator