Poems by the pond

Hello Friends,

We have a large pond in the corner of our nearby St Andrew’s Park. As you enter the pond gate, there is a Pond Poets tree trunk where poems are left for public pleasure.

This month the theme is climate catastrophe, and the poems are written by children:


Planet Earth

Planet earth is getting hotter,

It can’t be saved by Harry Potter.

Expelliarmus just won’t do,

It can only be saved by me and you.

If we don’t treat the world with care,

Consider the poor polar bear.

The ice will melt for shelter he will look,

Soon he’ll be a picture in a history book.

If we forget to turn the lights out,

The result could be Typhoons, floods and drought.

That extra flight we didn’t need to take,

Could actually put our world at stake.

So switch it off and walk to school,

Do it now don’t be a fool.

Turn the heat down, recycle that pot,

The small things we do will help a lot.

Ishbel (age 9)


Our Beautiful Earth

Our beautiful earth

Has been ruined by the people

Who know better but don’t bother.

Our beautiful nature is crying and the trees are dying.

You don’t understand, our land is sinking,

Just because you’re not thinking.

Our beautiful world will never be the same,

If I was you I would hang my head in shame.

Arsany (age 11)


The Last Polar Bear

I walk across the melting Ice – Alone

My kind I haven’t seen for months – Dead

They were once mighty

Strong in number

And now there’s only me

We ate fish

We taught our young the lessons of life

Predators were no longer a challenge…

Until we met man

They destroyed our homes with fumes of poison

Killed our women and children

And they kidnapped the survivors

Put them in camps where men stared at us


That was the end of our civilisation

And now I am in a land

Derelict and melting

Not my home

I am old and lonely

They won’t understand me like they understand one another

But I have learned a lesson

A valuable question I ask to you now

Which one is the stupid animal, us or YOU?

Ben (age 13)


submitted by Hilary Mayne