Quaker Renewal – proposal for a study group

Julia Bush and Ian Beeson would like to propose and co-facilitate a study group on the booklet Quaker Renewal, by Craig Barnett (Friend publications, 2017).  We will focus specially on the six themes he outlines on p. 37:

  1. A desire for deeper, more disciplined worship and spiritual practice.
  2. A need for leadership that empowers others.
  3. A willingness to work towards a shared understanding of the Quaker Way.
  4. Reaching out to wider society with a confident Quaker message and invitation.
  5. A re-engagement with Quaker tradition.
  6. A willingness to overhaul Quaker structures and bureaucracy.

We envisage a seven-session programme organised around the themes listed above.  We hope we will be able to engage reflectively rather than in debate, and hope also to draw out some conclusions that will be practically applicable for us.

We will be looking to recruit a closed group of up to ten people altogether.  Participants should be able to come to all or nearly all sessions, and be willing to acquire the booklet and read it ahead of the discussions.

We suggest meeting fortnightly, starting in March, in the evening (7.30 to 9.00).  We will fix dates and venue(s) when we know who’s coming.  It may be possible for us to meet at the Meeting House.  Please contact Julia or Ian if you are interested in joining the group.

Ian Beeson/Julia Bush, 19 Jan 2018