Thank yous

Our Treasurer, Judy Nile, sends our donations to the charities we appeal for.
She regularly receives letters in response, thanking us for our donations and sometimes explaining what will be done with the money that we have collected.
We thought you might like to read occasional extracts from some of those letters, so when there is space in the newsletter the editors will include one or two.


Play and picnic site for children with special needs

We were really delighted to receive the generous donation from your meeting of £98.62. On behalf of the Bournstream Committee, thank you very much! The money will go towards the upkeep of the site and is very much appreciated. As you know , we rely entirely on donations from people like yourselves in order to continue to provide this very valuable play site and we are always very touched by the generosity of the public.

Please pass on our thanks to everyone who was involved.

Bristol North West Foodbank

The Trussell Trust

We want to say a big thank you for your fantastic donation of £206.17. It is so kind of you to continue to support Bristol North West Food Bank.

We have now fed over 24,000 people since we opened in 2011.

We are thrilled to be one of 32 Trussell Trust Food Banks who are now able to offer Fuel Bank to our Food bank clients – we are the first in Bristol. The scheme is for people with a valid Bristol North West Foodbank voucher, who, if eligible to receive the credit, could use it to repay emergency credit and top up their gas and electricity pre-payment meter. This enables households that have run out of credit to get the power back on within a few hours and keep the lights and heating on for around two weeks.

Jenni Harris
The Redland Local Meeting Appeals Group