Titanic Performance to promote action against climate change

A powerful and moving performance took place on 12th April at the City Centre end of the docks in support for the Extinction Rebellion actions against climate change

Using the sinking of the Titanic as a metaphor for the imminent crisis we are all facing, the dockside performance included a large painting of the Titanic disaster, actors dressed as national and international politicians squabbled and re-arranged the deckchairs whilst a flash mob of musicians played 1912 music as the Titanic/Earth sank.
The action was silent, apart from the musicians, foghorn and a rousing rendition, at the end, of ‘Abide with Me’ (with alternative wording!)

You can watch extracts from the performance here:
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This was an Extinction Rebellion Performance Action led by the EarthQuakes (mainly Quakers) and Evergreens XR Affinity Groups, together with the Insight Ensemble.  (Watch Insight Ensemble here)