Woodbrooke Learning

Woodbrooke Study Centre offers learning in its widest sense to encourage continuing personal, social and spiritual development. It shapes individual and group experiences and in so doing significantly enhances both personal and community growth.

The Centre, based in Selly Oak in Birmingham, was founded in 1903 by George Cadbury and John Wilhelm Rowntree as a centre for Quaker learning. Over the years it has expanded its work and now offers a wide range of enriching experiences for diverse community groups. Rowntree’s basic tenet however still permeates the Centre: ‘In the rush of modern life we need periods of quiet when the soul may find peace on that which shall nourish it for action.’

Courses are wide ranging and offered in a number of formats to ensure full access for all. A selection of courses concern ‘Enquiring into Quaker diversity and Inclusion’, ‘Transforming the World’, ‘Practical Skills in Non-Violence’, ‘Beethoven’s 9th Symphony’, ‘Jung and Persona/Personae’, ‘European Quaker Voices’, ‘Reinterpreting the Meaning of The Cross’, ‘Telling our faith stories’, ‘Mindfully Together’, and ‘Being a Quaker Parent’. Our Friend Marian Liebmann will also tutor the course, ‘Anger Management with Art’, in May.

Additionally, there are advanced courses for study to Postgraduate level which are validated by the University of Birmingham and by Lancaster University.

Bursaries and other forms of financial assistance are available from both Woodbrooke and Redland Meeting to enable as many individuals as possible to fully participate. The Centre offers £50 discount for first time attenders and 50% discount for young people aged between 18 and 35. Redland/Area Meeting will meet the full cost of any course relating to specific role holders and once each year Redland members/attenders are able to ask for 50% support for one course.

Bed and breakfast packages are available if you just would welcome a break and time to reflect in very peaceful surroundings.

Woodbrooke direct line: 0121 472 5171

Polly Lowe, Woodbrooke Correspondent