The main responsibilities are to do with organising ourselves, making information about Redland available and keeping it up to date, organising our local business meetings and looking after our finances.

The Clerk and Assistant Clerk are a central part of our administration. They organise and conduct our local meetings for business, write the minutes, and follow up agreed actions. Our treasurer looks after financial matters.

We have a group of Friends – known as the Nominations Group – who make sure that all the jobs we need to do in Redland Meeting have someone to do them, usually asking a Friend to undertake a role for three years at a time.

We help to maintain a basic database of members and attenders at Redland. We use the database to send out annual invitations to Friends to contribute financially to the work of our local meeting, Bristol Area Meeting, and Britain Yearly Meeting. 

We are responsible for maintaining and developing the Redland Local Meeting website, though content for the site comes from all quarters. We produce a monthly Newsletter.