Redland Local Quaker Meeting, Bristol
26 May 2019

Quaker events

  • Sun 26 May, 10.15-10.45, Singing before Worship in the Library. All are welcome.
  • 24-27 May, Britain Yearly Meeting at Friends House, London. Full details and information about online coverage can be found on the central Quaker website: Swarthmore lecture on Saturday evening will be given by Eden Grace, a member of New England Yearly Meeting. Her subject is Quaker eco-theology: ‘On earth as it is in heaven…’.
  • Sun 2 June, 12.30pm, Redland Local Meeting for Business.
  • Fri 7 June, 2.30pm, Meeting for Worship at Avenue House. Please contact Sue Tuckwell if you would like to attend.
  • Sat 8 June, 10am-3pm, Quaker Youth Project training day at Central Meeting House. The Project is looking for more volunteers to support events. This is an opportunity to think about how your skills and interests are of interest to young people, with no obligation to sign up to volunteer regularly. To book a place, please contact Kirsty Philbrick, Youth Development Worker,
  • Sun 9 June, sharing lunch at Redland Meeting House after Meeting for Worship.
  • Sun 9 June, invitation to join worship and a sharing lunch at Street Meeting House (Somerset). Young people from Redland will be staying there overnight and adult Friends are invited to join Street Meeting for worship at 10.30am and for lunch afterwards. Details from Tom Allport, who is leading this visit.
  • Sat 6 July, 10am – 4pm, participatory workshop on ‘Vocal Ministry’ at Bedminster Meeting House, led by Kindlers on the Road. All welcome from Bristol Area Meeting.

Other news and events

  • Fri 17 and 31 May and 7, 14 and 21 June, 7.30pm in the Library at Redland Meeting House, Study Course for Bristol Quakers based on the Kairos Palestine movement, facilitated by Eddy Knasel and Ron Mendel.
  • Thurs 30 May, 7-9.30pm, third Grand Iftar in St Marks Road. The local Muslim community welcomes fellow-Bristolians to the customary breaking of the Ramadan fast. More information available online, and a warm welcome guaranteed.
  • Sat 1 June, 12-5pm, Cabot Circus, Bristol Extinction Rebellion is organising a peaceful protest against wasteful ‘fast fashion’. Central Meeting House (Champion Square) has been booked for rest and refreshments during the day. Please contact Chris Gwyntopher (Central Meeting) if you would like to help with hospitality. Facebook page ‘Extinction Rebellion Fashion Action’ gives information about the action.
  • Tuesday 18 June, 9.30am-2.30pm, City Hall, Faith and Social Action Conference: an opportunity to explore how different communities in the City understand and combine faith and social action. Eventbrite booking available.
  • ‘Our Faith, Our Work’, annual review of the activities of Britain Yearly Meeting. Loan copies available on the table downstairs. Informative summary of national Quaker work, including details of how Quaker funding is raised and used.


  • Eddy Knasel for Horfield Memory Café (open every Friday afternoon)


Message from Kit Fotheringham:

Sadly, two of the “Sanctuary Scholars” at the University of Bristol were recently hit with study bans from the Home Office which means they have had to be suspended from the University, just a couple of days before they were due to sit their exams.
If the students are found studying or sitting their exams, they face criminal charges, a fine and/or max six-month imprisonment.
In the meantime, the scholars need to challenge the bans. Duncan Lewis solicitors (experts in study bans) have agreed to represent them. However, the legal aid checks have come back negative. Mainly, I imagine because our students have a scholarship and thus money in the bank, however this should be spent on supporting them through academia, not legal fees.
If you can, please pledge to help the students challenge the bans and cover their legal costs. This can be done via the crowdfunding link below – whether it’s £2/ £20/ 200.00. Whatever is within your means. Please also share this link and publicise far and wide
If the students lose they will be liable for legal costs. If they win they will not have to pay costs but we will retain any money donated for future students facing bans. This is the tip of the iceberg and these will not be the last cases we see.

Caroline Beatty recommends the following website for more information on Home Office study bans:


 Julia Bush, clerk, Redland Local Quaker Meeting

Please send notices for next week to Julia by end of Friday, and include ‘Notices’ in the email subject line. If you would like to receive a copy of the Notices by email, let Julia know.

MfW = Meeting for Worship; AM = Area Meeting; LM=Local Meeting.