14 October 2018


Quaker events

  • Sun 14 Oct, 11.00am, All-Age Worship, bringing adults and children together to consider the future of our Meeting. What would we like to see in the future, as we look into – or out from – the Meeting House windows?
  • Sun 14 Oct, 12.30pm, shared lunch after worship. All welcome – please bring food.
  • Thurs 18 Oct, 7pm, Area Meeting for Business at Horfield Meeting House. Soup and rolls will be served before the meeting from 6.15pm onwards.
  • Sat 20 Oct, 6pm, Redland Quaker Film Club, followed by a discussion led by Kit Fotheringham and shared supper.
  • Sat 20 October, 2pm, Quaker Socialist Society meeting at Central Meeting House, with Thangam Debbonaire MP as the main speaker.
  • Sun 21 Oct, 10am, Meeting for Learning in the Library, ‘Modernising Quaker Language?’ led by Roger Sturge.
  • Fri 26 Oct, 7.30pm, Library, Eye-Witness report from Jamie on his service as an ecumenical accompanier in Bethlehem, June-September 2018. Here is a link to Jamie’s latest blog, on house demolitions:

Other news and events

    • Sun 14 Oct, 3.30pm, Cotham Parish Church, BS6 6DR, ‘Bethlehem Sings’ – concert from PartSong, members of Bristol Choral, violin and piano duet, raising funds to help bring a Bethlehem choir to Britain.
    • 20-21 Oct, CND AGM and Policy Conference at Wills Memorial Building, with policy-making discussion on Saturday and a public conference on Sunday (including Bristol group ‘Remembering the Real World War I’ and workshops on campaign issues).
    • Wed 7 Nov, 7.30pm, Central Quaker Meeting House, BS2 9DB, meeting organised by Bristol Interfaith Group to discuss the beliefs of Hindus and Buddhists. Focus will be upon differences in belief within each faith community, with some exploration of common ground, so please come reasonably well-prepared with basic information.
    • White peace poppies are now available on the downstairs table: £1 each, all income to the Peace Pledge Union. Peace poppies represent ‘remembrance for all victims of war, a commitment to peace and a challenge to attempts to glamorise or celebrate war’. (
    • October edition of the Area Meeting Newsletter is now available from Graham Davey: .
    • Horfield Friends Café is open every Friday afternoon for the elderly and their carers, providing ‘a friendly place to meet and keep brains active’. Contact Eddy Knasel or Jenni Harris for further information.
    • Data protection forms and Area Meeting directories are available (on the piano). Please fill in a form if you are on LM contact lists and your name is not already in the AM Directory, or if your contact details have changed (forms to Julia Bush).


    This week’s appeal

    • J Tarlton for Quaker Peace and Social Witness

     Julia Bush, clerk, Redland Local Quaker Meeting

    Please send notices for next week to Julia by end of Friday, and include ‘Notices’ in the email subject line. If you would like to receive a copy of the Notices by email, let Julia know.

    MfW = Meeting for Worship; AM = Area Meeting; LM=Local Meeting.

    Email contact addresses: At present, we do not usually publish email contacts on the Redland website unless the owner requests they be included in order to protect their owners from possible spam – you can find most in your Redland List of Members and Attenders.