Redland Local Quaker Meeting, Bristol

for 5 April 2020 


Meetings for Worship

Face-to-face Meetings for Worship are cancelled during the present coronavirus crisis, but you are warmly invited to join the Redland Meetings for Worship on Sundays.

Sunday 5 April, 11am, Redland Meeting for Worship (Zoom meeting)

You can join our all-age zoom Meeting for Worship on computer, tablet or smartphone, via the link that you will find weekly in the notices. If you do not have a computer, it is also possible to join the Meeting by phone.

Please do not be put off by the technology. Advice and encouragement is available from lots of sources, including the many Friends who enjoyed last Sunday’s worship.
You can try out our Meeting’s link in advance, and also make use of the very helpful guidance provided by Woodbrooke at

Michael Tuckwell and Fiona Hamilton are the elders for the 11am Meeting. They will introduce Meeting for Worship, and can also provide technical support before Meeting begins. Please arrive early, so that any technical issues can be sorted out and there is time to greet each other. Please identify yourself to the elders by name, if you are joining Meeting on the phone. Keep your microphone switched off (mute) during worship, unless you feel moved to speak. You will need to tap on your microphone to unmute it. Please leave space between spoken ministry. The elders will welcome you to Meeting, and will close the worship after one hour. There will be brief notices and an appeal, then some time for a chat with f/Friends.

Sunday Appeal – by Hilary Mayne

Please donate directly to the Big Issue, using this link:

Sunday 5 April, 8.30am, Redland Early Meeting for Worship (Zoom meeting)

Redland Early Meeting is usually small and quiet. The elder for the 8.30am meeting is Elizabeth Whitehouse. If you would like to join this 45-minute meeting on the first and third Sundays of each month, please email Elizabeth Whitehouse or Julia Bush for details of the Zoom link. The virtual door will open at 8.25am.

Sunday 5 April, 12.40pm, Redland Meeting for Business (Zoom meeting)

The agenda will include some general business and a discussion about how to strengthen online communications within our Meeting. The virtual door will open at 12.30pm, but the Business Meeting will not begin until 12.40pm – giving Friends time for a short break and a drink after attending 11am Meeting for Worship. The clerks for this meeting are Julia Bush and Heather Lister. We aim to complete business before 2pm.
Topic: Redland Meeting for Business

Redland Meetings for Children and Young People during April

The Redland CYP Committee has developed this programme:
‘We’d love you to join us and let us know how you find it – we’re all learning fast at the moment and will adapt further as we need!’
Children aged 0-4: please join Redland’s main Meeting for Worship (11am).
Children aged 5-10: weekly Children’s Meeting before the main Meeting for Worship.
Children’s Meeting will be every Sunday, 10.10-10.40am, on Zoom. 
Children aged 11-18: monthly Teen Meeting will continue on the second Sunday of each month (12 April, 10 May, 14 June), via Zoom and supported by Kirsty Philbrick (youth worker).
Young people will join the main Meeting for Worship from 11-11.15am, then break out into their own session.
The first Teen Meeting is on Easter Sunday (12 April)
Please tell Cato Pedder if you plan to come to the Teen Meeting, so that you can be invited into this special session.
Children of all ages are always welcome to join the main Meeting for Worship (11am) for the  full hour, if they wish.

Sunday 19 April, Bristol Area Meeting for Business (Zoom meeting).

Details to follow, with a calling letter in next week’s online Area Meeting Newsletter. Please contact Heather Lister if you need this information on paper.

Sunday 26 April, Redland All-Age Meeting for Worship (Zoom Meeting)

News from Quakers in Britain

Friends House staff produce a regular emailed newsletter with updates on the work of Britain Yearly Meeting and some interesting Quaker blogs. You can subscribe free of charge via this link:

Yearly Meeting Gathering

Sadly, a decision has now been reached to postpone Yearly Meeting Gathering until next year.
Details about refunds etc will be posted soon.

Friendly greetings to you all

                Julia Bush, clerk, Redland Local Quaker Meeting


Please send notices for next week to her at by end of Friday, and include ‘Notices’ in the email subject line.
If you would like to receive a copy of the Notices by email, let Julia know.

MH = Meeting House; MfW = Meeting for Worship; AM = Area Meeting; LM=Local Meeting.