Redland Local Quaker Meeting, Bristol

for 29 March 2020 


Meetings for Worship

Face-to-face Meetings for Worship are cancelled during the present coronavirus crisis, but you are warmly invited to join the Redland Meeting for Worship on Sunday.

Please remember to put your clocks forward one hour on Sunday 29 March

Sunday 29 March, 11am, Redland Meeting all-age online Meeting for Worship (zoom meeting)

You can join our all-age zoom Meeting for Worship on computer, tablet or smartphone, via this link:

The Meeting ID for this week  is: 256 430 837


If you do not have a computer, it is also possible to join the Meeting by phone, using these phone numbers:

+44 208 080 6592

+44 330 088 5830

+44 131 460 1196

+44 203 481 5240

+44 208 080 6591

Please do not be put off by the technology. Advice and encouragement is available from lots of sources, including the many Friends who enjoyed last Sunday’s worship.
You can try out our Meeting’s link in advance, and also make use of the very helpful guidance provided by Woodbrooke at Michael Tuckwell will introduce and close the Redland Meeting for Worship on Sunday, and Richard Drake will offer technical support.

Our semi-programmed all-age Meeting for Worship will have a seasonal (and topical) theme: ‘Hope – and moving towards the light’. Children are welcome to stay for the full hour. There will be three readings and some singing, led by Helen Adshead, towards the end of worship. There is also an activity for us all to take part in during Meeting. You are invited to bring your own paper and pens and to spend some time during worship drawing a flower – for sharing with other Friends at the close of Meeting.

Sunday Appeal
The Bristol North West Foodbank is still in urgent need of support, so this week’s (online) appeal is for the same good cause. Please donate directly, using the following link:
If you do not have a computer, you can post a cheque (or deliver goods) to Bristol North West Foodbank, St Andrews Church, Avonmouth Road, BS11 9EN

Sharing Circles
Members and attenders at Redland Quaker Meeting are invited to join one of seven Sharing Circles. Each Circle includes at least one Elder with Oversight, and Circles are collectively responsible for offering pastoral support as well as upholding our communal worship. If you have not yet joined a Circle, but would like to do so, please email

Avenue House
Avenue House is now on complete lockdown and visiting is only open to staff and healthcare professionals. A skype account has been set up to enable relatives and friends to maintain as much contact as possible (arrangements through Direct phone contacts with residents continue as normal, of course.

Ammerdown weekend
Sadly, this has now been cancelled. Please contact Kit Fotheringham directly about refunds, at  The only available weekends in 2021 are in August and November, so we need a pause for reflection before making any new arrangements.
The good news is that our wonderful Ammerdown planning group hopes to offer some Ammerdown Online activities in the future! Watch this space…

News from Quakers in Britain
Friends House staff produce a regular emailed newsletter with updates on the work of Britain Yearly Meeting and some interesting Quaker blogs. You can subscribe free of charge via this link:

Message from Redland Treasurer, Kit Fotheringham
“During 2019, Redland Local Meeting started the process of simplifying its financial procedures. Accordingly, the Co-operative current account (sort code starting 08-92-99) will soon be closed. Friends who wish to continue making donations to the Meeting are strongly advised to do so through the Contributions Schedule, which was recently posted to them.
I’ve had a query about the name of the Meeting that should be put in the Gift Aid declaration on the Contributions Schedule, this should be “Bristol Area Quaker Meeting” in ALL cases (including where the donations are only going to the Local Meeting – it’s the Area Meeting that collects Gift Aid and distributes it to meetings).”

Message from Tom Allport
‘In Accord’ choir’s concerts were cancelled this week, but Tom has prepared a fine list of online ‘songful substitutes….to listen to and to share’. Please let Tom or Julia know if you would like to receive links to these songful places.

Redland Elders with Oversight will meet via zoom on Wednesday 1 April.

Redland Meeting for Business will be held via zoom next Sunday 5 April, 12.30pm.
The agenda will include some general business and a discussion about how to strengthen online communications within our Meeting. Joining details in next week’s Notices.

                Julia Bush, clerk, Redland Local Quaker Meeting


Please send notices for next week to her at by end of Friday, and include ‘Notices’ in the email subject line.
If you would like to receive a copy of the Notices by email, let Julia know.

MH = Meeting House; MfW = Meeting for Worship; AM = Area Meeting; LM=Local Meeting.