Sunday Appeals

The Sunday Appeal after Meeting for Worship is an important part of our Quaker Meeting. Not only does it raise money for good causes, but also draws our attention to how much need there is in the world, and how – with money or in other ways – we can contribute to making the world a better place. It also reminds us how fortunate most of us are.

We’d like to draw your attention to a few issues.

First, we welcome suggestions for causes to appeal for, especially those with which Friends have a connection, and small local charities where £100 or so would make a difference.

Secondly, we’d like to remind Friends that they can give online at home if they prefer (the Appeal’s website address, if there is one, is always included in the Notices). Some Friends prefer to give online because it means they can Gift Aid their donation (which we can’t do with the cash we collect) and perhaps also donate on those Sundays when they are not at Meeting.

Finally, we’d like some help. We are looking for people to be part of the team of three Friends who are responsible for arranging the Sunday Appeals. We need people with an interest in raising money for good causes and the ability to help organise the Sunday schedule. If you think you might like to serve the Meeting in this way (or you can suggest someone else who might), please get in touch.

Also, we’re always looking for people to give the Appeal, so if you’re happy to do this please let us know. We’ll provide the information or more usually direct you to a website which will tell you all about the cause you’d be appealing for.

Please contact Linda Ewles, Celia Beeson or Helen Watkins about any of these issues.

Linda Ewles, Learning & Action Hub, January 2018