An Appeal for Grace in Uganda

We have had appeals before in Redland Meeting for Grace Kiconco Sirrah’s work in prisons and reconciliation in Uganda. Because of Covid-19, Grace can no longer go into prisons or work with communities face-to-face, but could keep the work going remotely if she had a working computer. She has been using WhatsApp on her phone to send messages to prisoners, but says with a computer she could do a lot of training in the community. She provides training in conflict resolution, anger management, gender and development, and self esteem, according to need. This is for ex-prisoners, prisoners’ families and some youth and women’s groups in the community. She has researched computers locally and says she can get a good one second-hand for £250-350.

I contacted Computers4Africa, which provided a computer for her many years ago, but they are now Computers4Charity, focused exclusively on UK work. And Uganda apparently has a new law prohibiting the import of second-hand computers! Redland Meeting Appeals can only appeal for registered charities, not individuals, so the only way we can help is for people to send me a cheque made out to me (or a bank transfer – please ask for the details), and I will send her the money raised.

I hope we can support Grace in this way.

Marian Liebmann